Work That Database and Cash Out A Winner with Brad Korn.

Brad Korn of The Korn Team, A Keller Williams Real Estate Agent team in Independence, Missouri has always been one of my (Lori Ballen) personal favorites. He works his database like a BEAST and is a fun, self motivated, very likable guy. He became my hero recently after fighting a long battle by his wife’s side after she suffered a brain injury that she eventually succumbed to. Being a father, Brad had to stay strong, and that he has. He’s never stopped.

Brad says: “I hope you get out of your comfortable zone as quickly as possible. You NEVER know what will happen in your life and what cards you will be dealt. When Bad things happen, it sucks you down to normal or average.”


Here’s a must listen to interview with Brad Korn on how to Turn your daatabase into an ATM by Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable!!


30 Minutes (40 with great questions section at end) of how your Database is like an ATM machine with Brad Korn of The Korn Team. Working in the Greater Kansas City area selling an average of one home every 3 days, for the past 15+ years.


Brad tells us: If I can just make friends, and have a system that reminds me to follow up with them, I like that! I have to just remember, it isn’t going to happen. But if I set up a system to remind me to do something, I’ll do it all day long.


Remember, 12 touch gets you a 50 to 1 return. The inner circles, 8 x 8, returns 12 to 2. 12 to 2 is Eight times more than 50 to! Start from the INSIDE and work out.

If you can’t write them a hand written note, it’s probably not a real connection.


NAR statistics say sellers will talk to one real estate agent 76% of the time and hire them. They will talk to 2 agents 18% of the time and hire one of them. If you are the real estate agent that is there, there’s a 92% chance that you’ll be hired.


If a person is moving every 7 years, and you know 100 people, then 15 people you know are moving in the next 12 months! That’s one a month. We should have three to five thousand people in our database according to Gary Keller.


Keep doing whatever you are doing. Just ADD these steps, this database peice, and everyone you meet. Five a day, 25 a week, 100 a month, that’s 1200 people you could add to your database every year. Just five people a day get added, even if they are not buying or selling a home right now.


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