Where to Get the Best Real Estate Website

Real Estate Agent WebsiteIf you are a real estate agent, clearly having a real estate agent website is going to be a key staple in your business. What you choose as a web platform, and who you choose to build it for you is going to make a big difference in your outcome.

Before we go into a list of the most popular real estate website developers, let’s discuss what a real estate website platform should do for you and what it should have for the user.

Goal: A website should provide a quality user experience and give the visitor exactly what they want.

Your website should at least include the following:

  • Fast Load Time
  • A mobile responsive theme
  • Contact Information
    displayed frequently and is easy to find
  • Home Value Offers
  • Community Information (the more the better)
  • Real Estate Advice Library
  • A Blog 
  • Bonus: CRM
    Although most website developers are not also customer relationship management system builders, so most website CRM’s are really subpar. Best to have a separate CRM that plays well with your website. (such as Infusionsoft’s Open API and integrations with software such as (Parsey.com)


Website Developers:

Website DevelopmentBallen Marketing – 702.917.0755 (In full disclosure, this is a Ballen Brand owned company, so I’m a bit bias on this one).
Ballen Marketing is owned and operated by top real estate business owners and massive online lead generators. After years of experience with various platforms, and training on The Ballen Method (a training system for real estate agents wanting to learn online marketing and get more leads online), Ballen decided to offer a WordPress platform to help their clients build faster and on a stronger foundation. Ballen prides themselves on being different and on choosing function over fancy having tested and measured web performance and customer experience for nearly two decades. When you choose a Ballen Brand, you choose proven results and a team that cares about your success. Ballen’s goal is to empower agents to take control of their marketing platform.

Additional Real Estate Agent Website Developers

Choose what’s right for you. Interview several providers. Compare costs, features, and ownership. You’ll want to be sure you own the domain and content and that if you move brokers, your site moves with you. There’s not much worse for search engine rankings than starting over!

Things to Consider about your Real Estate Website

Things to ConsiderIt should have NO Limitations

Make sure your website is not limiting pages, plugins, categories, html elements, tracking codes, media and so forth. In the beginning, a small, easy site may be fine. As you grow though, and you or your assistants, or your marketing services team begin to add content to your site, frustrations will arise if you are limited in the development and design of your platform. Ask your provider about these limitations.

You should own the Content and the Domain

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, it’s imperative that you own the domain and the content. Oh the sad stories we have heard of people that bought in hook, line and sinker to a website they loved with their favorite back end CRM and then suddenly realized when they stopped paying the hefty monthly fee, they no longer had any rights to anything that was created.

Oh the sad stories we have heard when someone once in love with their brokerage, adopted their brokerage site and putting everything into it for a few years, growing favor with the search engines, generating a lot of organic leads, and then something happened that caused them to end their relationship with the broker  – which also ended the relationship with their website.


Don’t be confused by SEO and SEM

Team Discusses Digital Marketing OptionsMany believe they are getting a website that will do well in the search engines because the site is “search engine optimized”. All “boxed” solutions that include paid hosting in 2016, should already have the basic on site SEO foundation provided. Yet each piece of content you ad, every video, every page, will contain it’s own on page SEO. This will be your focus, or your content providers focus and will have little to do with the platform itself. Content is what drives rankings in 2016, not a “platform”. Now, if you are buying a website that is built out with content for SEO, that’s another story altogether. You are purchasing a website with search engine optimized content and that’s great (as long as it’s unique content of course, owned only by you).

Many sites are actually driven by SEM (Search Engine Marketing) rather than SEO. This means, out of your monthly fee, you are buying CLICKS to your websites from the search engines. It means the links coming into you are paid rather than organic. It also means, as soon as you stop paying, your leads are gone, instantly.

It might be a good idea to find a nice blend of both. Search Engine Optimization for rankings takes a while. If you are building content on a platform with a new domain, it could take 6 months, even a year before you have any rankings bringing in significant traffic. SEM (Paid Clicks) can kick start your lead flow and give you the patience to build your organic rankings properly.

Regardless of the platform you choose, Ballen Marketing can help you with content creation. Give Jeff a call to chat about your goals. 702.917.0755


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