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Real Estate TrainingYou do not need to be a Keller Williams Realty Agent to attend most trainings, workshops and conventions. To be invited by a Keller Williams Market Center near you, simply contact us and we will make the connection and get you details on the event you would like to find out more about. Keller Williams has the best training in the world both locally and nationally.

Please contact Lori Ballen – lori@loriballen.com to find out more about joining Keller Williams and becoming the best real estate agent you can be!
KW Training and Event Calendar for 2017 classes to be held in Austin. 

Training fuels all of our success,” Dianna Kokoszka.


Franchise Systems Orientation: Where you’ll discover the systems, tools, and resources for energizing growth, productivity, profitability and culture in your Market Center to fulfill the mission of building careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.


BOLD conditions you on how to think and act bold, completely redesigning your business, life and earning potential.


Kick-start your career with innovative models, sound systems, and useful tools. The KWConnect Ignite supplemental videos complement each in-class training session and the top notch Ignite Instructor and Student Kits.

Family Reunion

At Family Reunion, Keller Williams associates gather with thousands of top agents and leaders for four power-packed days of networking and training. This is your opportunity to reenergize and take your business to the next level; learn from the best in the business, attend powerful sessions and immerse yourself in KW culture.

Career Visioning

Great businesses succeed in direct proportion to the talent they hire. If you want to build your business by hiring talent, Career Visioning provides proven hiring systems to ensure that the best and the brightest—the candidates most likely to succeed in the role.


Expansion Systems Orientation (ESO) will teach successful, productive agents how to consistently and predictably grow teams by expanding into additional Market Centers using proven models and systems. The audience for this course includes agents seeking to learn more about whether and how to expand, Market Center Leadership (OP/TL/MCA/ALC) pursuing a better understanding of expansion and their Market Center, and Agents who may be interested in working with an expansion team.

Train the Presenter

Train the Presenter is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to successfully conduct Keller Williams University courses. The course focuses on presentation skills and course delivery. You’ll learn what preparation is needed to deliver industry leading training.

Train the Trainer

An intensive, high-impact workshop with a focus on practice and feedback. This workshop is designed for advanced trainers who want to create powerful learning experiences that influence action. The Advanced Workshop is intended for current KWU Faculty, as well as those interested in pursuing KWU certification.


Hosted by KW Maps Coaching, Mega Camp is where top-producing professionals go to focus, embrace opportunity and connect with the industry’s most esteemed leaders.

The Following Events are put on by MAPS Coaching – Tell them Lori Ballen from Las Vegas sent you!!

The One Thing Seminars

Only the ability to dismiss distractions and concentrate on your ONE Thing stands between you and your big goals. The ONE Thing teleseminar program is for those committed to achieving extraordinary results, and no less. Sign up today to receive coaching from some of the world’s best business coaches and leaders.

Never Ending Referrals

Make your 33 Touch System come to Life with “Never Ending Referrals”. The Four Laws of the Database are brought to Life through your own personal 1-4-5 For Database Mastery. Go deep into the Fundamentals of building, feeding, communicating, and working your database for a 10%, 15% or Higher Return.

Attracting Top Talent

Regardless of whether it’s your first hire or your hundredth, this program will give you the competitive edge to attracting top talent!

FIERCE Conversations

Fierce Conversations focuses on educating registrants on igniting productive dialogue that interrogates reality, provokes learning, resolves tough challenges and enriches relationships.

This course is the cornerstone of great leadership, healthy culture, intelligent strategies and whole-hearted execution. This program will address the three transformational ideas and seven principles that empower you to connect conversations between your personal and professional success.

Mastering Your Mind: Living Without Limits

Over a 12 week period, this inter-active MAPS program will partner with you in striking at root belief and moving beyond your status quo!

Language of Sales

The Language of Sales is a participatory workshop on communication, rapport-building, active listening, and personal evolution. The more you know these tools, the more clearly you will see that you have been causing your outcomes all along. Taking responsibility for your communications empowers you to approach every relationship as a new source of possibility and an opportunity to make a difference for others, as well as yourself.

Pursuit of Profit Share

This incredible program will put you on the road to creating passive income. During “Pursuit of Profit Share,” you will master techniques for maximizing Keller Williams resources that grow your profit share tree. Expand your passive income with these cutting-edge strategies for leveraging the Keller Williams profit share system.

Virtual Leverage

Are you ready to leverage your business without breaking your budget? Do you know what it takes to have high level talent from all over the world? Whether your virtual assistant is just a city away or halfway around the world, this course will teach you how you can apply Virtual Leverage to your business.

Marathon Lead Generation & Conversion

The class will increase the number of calls you make, and the conversion rate of those calls.

Dominate Your Market

Take control of your business by mastering the best scripts, tools, strategies and the mindset of great listing agents. Learn through live role-plays that teach you powerful scripts for lead generation, handling objections, pricing, closing and presenting. Plus, Q & A, weekly accountability and much more.

The Perfect Real Estate Assistant 101

Discover how to best structure, operate and manage the many aspects of your real estate office.

Model Your Way to A Million

Get the fundamentals to create a personalized and sellable business model centered around the MREA concepts. Whether you’re just starting out in real estate or building a highly efficient and productive team, this course will guide you through modeling your way from … Thinking a Million … to Earning a Million … to Netting a Million.

Farming Will Make you Millions

This program gives you the tools to build a “first-in-mindset” so that when anyone in a geographic area thinks about real estate, the first person they think about is YOU.

The Energy Advantage: Mental & Physical

Discover the techniques Dianna Kokoszka and Chris Heller use to maximize their energy for magnified results in the Group Coaching program“The Energy Advantage – Mental & Physical.” You will explore the foundation for truly transforming your health: a healthy mindset, as well as a healthy body. Throughout the course we will conduct a health analysis identifying your challenges and obstacles in order to reconstruct your mindset for evolving your well-being.

Business Without Limits (Adam Hergenrother)

Leverage Adam to train your team how to think BIG and inspire your team to take action and help your business grow. Together you will achieve levels of success you hadn’t thought possible! You will leave Business Without Limits thinking bigger than ever before and inspired to create lasting change in your life and business.

Mega Buyer Agent Skills

Overcome 90 percent of the objections and pitfalls encountered by buyer agents with the 20 Point Buyer Presentation, which outlines key elements for successful buyer transactions.

Baby Boomer Listings

As the population in our country ages, the opportunities around servicing our seniors and their families are increasing. Explore the systems for increasing your listing inventory at minimal cost through probate listings and senior downsizing opportunities in this Group Coaching program.

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