The Best Real Estate Career Advice from Agents Nationwide

We asked our network of experienced real estate agents to give their best advice on becoming a real estate agent. We’ve included the list below. If you are looking to get into real estate, or wish to talk about opportunities with Keller Williams, or want to look into finding a coach or mentor, or would like to explore some of the training talked about in this blog (like Bold and Ignite), Contact Us.

  1. Start with systems and follow them! ~ Samantha Eastman
  2. Join a Successful Team ~ Sal Torres
  3. Surround yourself with people who are successful and do what they do. ~ Jason Lopez
  4. Really, my advice would be: Pick someone, follow them and learn as much as you can! It is not as easy as it looks.
    ~ Jennie Davies
  5. Know yourself, learn your market, practice your skills. Like any other job. ~ Christine Hopkins
  6. That there are NO STUPID questions. ASK EVERYTHING OF EVERYBODY and ask again if you don’t understand the answer(s). Watch successful realtors and find/get a mentor. ~ Ron Ainsworth
  7. Build a niche, implement systems, own your own website and email, consult with an accountant and understand your responsibilities as a self employed person, work at least 40 hours a week even when you have no clients, you are the brand, never give up. ~ Jenna Dixon
  8. Have money reserves to sustain a sizable amount of time without income and surround yourself with other successful agents who you can learn from and push you to succeed by their example. ~ Lindsay Jackson
  9. Be Consistent ~ Mike Rohrig
  10. Communicate, communicate and always communicate! ~ Hugo Sanchez
  11. 6 months reserves. Capitalize yourself. Learn scripts. Be honest & ethical! Get a mentor or higher a Productivity Coach!
    ~ Catrina Foster
  12. Listen to Lori Ballen, i think is a really good start ~ Steven Montesano
  13. Prospect. And know your paperwork. And find an accessible broker. ~ Jay Thompson
  14. Have as many face to face conversations about real estate as possible. ~ John Pohly
  15. Follow a model that has proven results. Don’t outthink yourself. ~ Dennis O’brien
  16. The real estate portals are stealing our leads with our data. Why? Because we haven’t done what we need to do to show GOOGLE that we are the local specialists, not Zillow. We will continue to lose our leads online as they get bigger and even more empowered to expand using our data. How do we combat this? We MUST be the local specialists ONLINE. Having a website isn’t enough. We must BE local, BLOG local, PUBLISH local. We have to be local media channels and be THE source for local real estate. Local market reports, Local Videos, Local “best” lists, etc. and we must have every possible neighborhood we service built out on our website by price, by feature, by school, by zip code etc. – Otherwise, we surrender to the highest bidder and the highest spender online. Google Rewards Local. ~ Lori Ballen
  17. Be the expert. See at least 10 houses a week. Not one person you know should not know you are in real estate. Talk about your accomplishments and milestones with friends and family. Get a mentor and don’t be afraid to talk to other realtors. Be consistent and follow up. ~ Iiesha Leverette
  18. Find a company that offers top notch training/coaching. Do what they tell you. Get over yourself being “self-employed” and able to do what you want when you want for at least a year, listening to your coach. ~ Scott Henninger
  19. Join a company that has a great training and coaching program! Then do exactly what they teach you . ~ Jim Jacobus
  20. Practice scripts and dialogues daily as long as you are in the business (it’s easier when you get off on the right foot.) Find an accountability partner and hold each other to what you say you will do. Lead generate daily until you get an appointment (three hours minimum.) Find a great coach and invest in yourself through training and coaching. Build a massive database and work it daily. Don’t spend money you haven’t earned. When you do have closings, use your income wisely to help grow your business. Save some for the times when your business is slow. Build a network locally and internationally – both within real estate and outside of it. Success leaves clues – surround yourself with people who are at a higher level than you are. Time block and guard your schedule. Focus! There are may shining objects to distract you from your “ONE Thing.” Read “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” and develop your personal written business plan. Review it daily! Don’t forget those who help you and be sure you pay it forward with others! ~ Mark Benson
  21. Treat your real estate career like a real job! Esp at the beginning. Work all day every day to get your business going. Read, watch and learn from every source you can get your hands on! ~ Shawn Jardine
  22. We are experiencing a shift…all you need to do is follow the model. ~ Jennifer Pogodo
  23. Find someone you admire and someone who follows systems and models and follow them. Sit down with them. Be like them ~ Caroline Schusterick
  24. Never give up. Take pride in your work. Be the best you can be. ~ Joe Detter
  25. Are you sure you want to do this?! Lol!! Sleep while you can! ~ Ashlee Prudhel
  26. Simple……build a great database. PERIOD! ~ Patrick Showers
  27. Database……. Get it organized and start to communicate with it in a systematic MREA way. And of course join KW. Also if there is a spot on a good team for some people I think that is the way to go. ~ Elizabeth Mcdermott
  28. Get a Productivity Coach. ~ Donna Buinicky
  29. It’s ALL about leads. ~ Kendra Lanterman
  30. Be ready for ANYTHING!!! ANYTHING!!! ~ Jared Alberto
  31. Hit up Lori Ballen , ask what she’s doing, listen, then do it. ~ Brian Inskip
  32. Take Ignite! The stats are AMAZING! ~ Pam O’Bryant
  33. Make sure you have Plan B for the slow times ~ Linda Stephens
  34. Choose a brokerage where you can brand yourself ~ Monte Pratt
  35. Get a coach! ~ Gayle Satcher
  36. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, by doing what others won’t do, and get accountable to someone. ~ Randy Lusk
  37. Organize your database, take Ignite then take BOLD. ~ Chuck Hill
  38. Consistency with a proven model and lead with revenue. ~ Dustin Sweeter
  39. Find a mentor, someone that will support you and let you shadow. ~ Serena Jones
  40. Read MREA ~ Aaron Kaufman
  41. Have a plentiful savings account, expect to work long hours, don’t be a “salesperson”. ~ Jackie Burkett
  42. Hire a coach, MREA, shift, Ignite, Bold. Group coaching calls ~ Suzie Arriola
  43. Be ready to create your own business without any help, unless you pay for it ~ Olga Clemente
  44. Never stop prospecting, and get your GRI. Oh, and join a team. ~ Amanda Hudson
  45. Ask someone you admire to mentor you ~ Erin Joseph
  46. Spend more time working with investors and finding off market properties than you do on the retail side. I can make more on a $50k home than I do on a $300k listing…. this is the truth and nobody in your market place is doing it. There is such a need for agents who understand what investors want, you will be given great opportunities like I have in the Tampa, FL market. ~ Jeremy Kloter
  47. Run!!! ? Just kidding! Find a great mentor. ~ Marco Velazquez
  48. Situate yourself with a company that their strengths are 1. Culture 2. Training 3. Consulting and don’t compromise on any of the 3. Also, 4. Make sure they understand this is THEIR business. ~ Sherry Conde
  49. Don’t watch Million Dollar Listing ~ Derek Grant
  50. Listen to Lori Ballen one time!!!! ~ Kristin Lumpkin
  51. Save 20% of every check for your retirement. ~ Amanda Brown
  52. Be passionate about what you do ~ Tim Raney
  53. Call you (Lori) and get on your team ~ Karen Callan
  54. Answer your phone and return calls the same day ~Cristi Hernandez
  55. Save 1/3 of every check you get. You will have the money to pay the taxes and some extra for education and Annual meetings. ~ B.J. Deal
  56. Take Ignite, Bold and run your business like a business!! Because it is your business! ~ Shirley Coomer
  57. Be all in. ~ Ed Kunkel Jr.
  58. Business Plan, Budge, Capitalize, Coach/Mentor, 20 contacts per day,ask everyone who do you know that is looking to buy or sell real estate, I can go on ~ Catrina Foster
  59. Get a coach. be ready to work 60-80 hours per week for the first 6 months. ~ Sean Goerss
  60. This is not a job. It’s a lifestyle. Eat it, breathe it, live it – work hard, work smartly, and most importantly, remember WHY you are doing what you do. ~ Amy Munsey

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