Real Estate Training

Becoming all you can be as a real estate agent requires a constant focus on honing your craft. Mastery of any kind consists of 10,000 hours on that subject. While real estate agents will put in most of their hours showing houses, marketing properties, and negotiating real estate transactions, a time budget should be alotted for real estate training.

It’s interesting how the cycle works.

Get your Real Estate License

First, you get your real estate license, which actually doesn’t teach you much about doing real estate as much as it does teach you how to pass the real estate exams.

Next, you learn the basics of doing the transaction

  • Writing Contracts and Addendums
  • How to use a Lock Box
  • Real Estate Processes
  • How to open Escrow
  • Negotiating Offers
  • What to do with multiple offers
  • How to Counter Offer
  • What to do with Earnest Money
  • How to turn in your paperwork to the real estate brokerage
  • Legalities
  • Rules of Marketing
  • and so forth.

You’ll get prepared with everything a real estate agent needs to do business

Then you’ll learn How to Get real estate Leads

Next, You’ll learn how to run a Real Estate Business

  • Goal Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Measuring ROI on investments
  • Business Planning
  • Creating your MVVBP

Eventually, You might your way into learning How to Build a Team

  • How and when to Hire an admin
  • Screening candidates for your real estate team
  • How to pay employees and team members
  • Success through Others
  • and Maybe even moving yourself out of the business

Training is important at every level. A true professional never stops learning. Here is a list of some¬†Keller Williams Real Estate training, at all levels, that you may want to take advantage of. If you are not a Keller Williams real estate agent, but want to attend a training, message us and let’s see if if that particular training has an open door to all brokerages. (Many do!)

Keller Williams Real Estate Training

ClassBeginning DateLocationInstructor
Family ReunionMonday, February 13 - Thursday, February 16Las Vegas, NVVarious
FSOMonday, March 20 - Wednesday, March 22Austin, TX
Career Visioning, 30/60/90, Success through OthersMonday, March 27 - Wednesday, March 29Austin, TX