Are Real Estate Teams the Future of Real Estate?

I love a recentĀ conversation initiated by Haro Setian of South Carolina in regards to teams being the future of real estate. I wanted to throw my 2 cents in the mix having always been “a team” since I entered the real estate business.

Is a Real Estate Team The Future?

The team concept, although not new, is a big one with some brokerages like Keller Williams. It offers the owner of the team an opportunity to build themselves out of the day to day functions of real estate. If the owner doesn’t want that, they can choose the position that best suits them. In my case, that was lead generation. I quickly moved myself out of day to day sales and decided my most dollar productive activity was in lead generation activities.

Team HuddleThe Value of a Team to a New Agent

Imagine the value to a new agent. Here’s an opportunity to join a team that offers training, administrative support, marketing, coaching, guidance, accountability, and organizational support. It allows the agent to step into an environment that is a launching pad for their success.

The Value of a Real Estate Team for ANY agent

And for skilled agents, it’s an opportunity to focus on the one thing they do best, while the other specialists on the team do the rest. For example, a buyers agent could utilize the teams showing partners, administrative support, and listing agents to set them up to do one thing – convert.

The Never Perfect Real Estate Team

With all this being said, we have to realize that perfection is rarely seen. In fact, most of the team owners will tell you themselves that they fail forward and they have experienced a lot of “mess” during the build. Profitability challenges are abundant when the owners don’t take the time to learn how to run the “business” side of the team or when they give special deals straying to far off the proven models.

What are your thoughts?

Interested in joining or building a team at Keller Williams? Let me know, I can make the connections for you. I’m Lori Ballen and I run a real estate business in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as a Real Estate marketing company. I’d love to help.


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