Bold, a MAPS Coaching and Training Program

Bold, a MAPS program written by Dianna Kokoszka  was created  to help real estate agents increase their profitability. Offered by KW MAPS Coaching, BOLD stands for: Business Objective, a Life by Design. Written by Dianna Kokoszka, BOLD comes directly from experiences that built Kokoszka’s million-dollar real estate career earning her the title “queen of systems and scripts.”

Bold runs for a couple months and students of the training meet once a week. They are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone, dig deep, and reach for the stars having been given the tools including scripts, dialogues, and conversations around mindset and limiting beliefs.

Forward to 5:15 Seconds to hear Tim talk about Bold. “Like so many other real estate agents, I showed up at the office and didn’t really know what to do. I wound up sitting at a desk in a cubicle in the common area at our Keller Williams Market Center avoiding coaching and training and sitting there just saying “I’m going to make it happen”. I did all these things your “average” real estate does when they first get started because that’s what they think is important. What I found out later is that’s what Gary Keller would say i is our 80% that will have the LEAST impact on your business. I was avoiding the 20% that would have the most impact because it meant getting uncomfortable. Bold stands for Business Objective, Life by Design and is a seminar at Keller Williams in the market center level and was an 8 week boot camp. It happened with me being 6 months in the business. I borrowed the money and jumped in. About 1/2 way through bold things started clicking. I realized that success in real estate is just a math formula.  I went back to the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Economic Model and backtracked (from the earnings I wanted: $100,000). My bold coach taught me how to determine how many deals, clients, and appointments I would need to earn that. I realized I needed 20-30 conversations a day and got it down to that one thing. I became FIERCLY committed to accomplishing that on a daily basis. ~ Tim Heyl

“Bold stands for

Interested in learning more about Bold? Send us a message and we will connect you with a team leader in your area. If you are already a Keller Williams Realty Agent, please contact your team leader to see when BOLD will be in your area.

BOLD Law – Focus on the Plan, Not the Problem

BOLD Law – Logic Makes Them Think and Emotions Make Them Act

BOLD Law – Spontaneity is a Conditioned Reflex

BOLD Law – Your cells eavesdrop on your thoughts

BOLD Law – Clarity is Power

BOLD Law – All work expands to fill the time allowed

BOLD Law –  Success is simple, not easy

BOLD Law –  If it’s not in your schedule, it doesn’t exist

BOLD Law – You can have reasons or results, and you can’t have both

BOLD Law – Don’t Compare Your Insides to Other People’s Outsides

BOLD Law – Come From Contribution

BOLD Law – You Teach People How to Treat You

BOLD Law – Do What You’ve Always Done and You’ll Get What You’ve Always Gotten