10 Minute Listing Presentation with Mark Wilkinson

In this video, Mark Wilkinson of Keller Williams Realty Platinum of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma shares his 10 minute listing presentation. Below, you’ll find Lori Ballen’s break down of key take aways.

  1. Clients were welcomed warmly and rapport was created
  2. Prelisting package was sent and discussed
  3. Clients emotions around the process were addressed
  4. Three potential outcomes were discussed and one includes an embedded command.
  5. Agent asks “Have you worked with a Realtor® before? Took notes on what client experienced previously when working with a real estate agent. Notes on what the client liked or didn’t like were taken. Agent looks to find out what a ’10’ agent and experience would look like.
  6. Agent works in the request for referrals
  7. Agent mentions team production stats during the presentation
  8. Agent brings in value proposition
  9. Agent mentions team name several times as well as Brokerage
  10. Agent ties in the benefit to the client saying things like “We will protect you”
  11. Agent pre-closes by asking if they sounds like the right company
  12. Agent presents recent sales and active listings. Rather than a CMA, the agent brings listings and asks the client to pick the active listing most like theirs, and the sold listing most like theirs.
  13. Agent points out why the prices on the other listings were too low or too high creating a price range that this home would probably sell for.
  14. Has client score their own house between a 1 and a 10. Showing the price range then, the agent asks the client where they should be priced.
  15. Agent closes

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