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Keller Williams

Once you read these quotes by Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams, you’ll understand why over 150,000 real estate agents have made the company their home. It’s big thinking. It’s growth oriented. It’s agent centric. It’s culture. It’s technology. It’s accountability. It’s training. It’s mindset.

Is it right for you?

Gary Keller on Success

Life isn’t just about where you are today but also about where you’re going tomorrow. Here’s a simple truth – If you’re not going forward you’re going backwards!

Waking up everyday doing the best you can to be the best you can be today is how you get the most out of your life and have the best life possible!

A Real Estate Agent turning their Sales Career into a business is one of the most profitable, low risk, low financial investment business opportunties on the planet

The most entrepreneurial people often show up as troublemakers.

There is a reason we only write our business plan on a single sheet of paper – so we can get everyone on the same page! No one ever says “let’s all get on the same pages!

Life isn’t about achieving…….it’s about becoming! We aren’t born to achieve, we are born to become! Becoming never stops unless you decide you’ve become all you can become! A sports team doesn’t win a game and stop or win a championship and stop! To become more tomorrow than you are today you have to get up today and go try to achieve more!

To try means to give effort in order to accomplish something. To try harder means to give better effort. And to try your best means to give your best. See it this way and you suddenly realize that ‘try’ is essential to success because it describes the effort we must all give on the way to figuring out how to accomplish something. I believe what Yoda’s creators are really teaching us is that the highest level of trying is never stopping until we get where we want to go. Trying is the line doers draw between starting and finishing. It’s attempting without stopping until attempting becomes doing. Trying is how go-getters go get.

Gary Keller on Team Building and Partnerships

When the coach is one of the players, the team is impure. Every team needs a coach that’s not out there on the field. Accountability doesn’t happen when you’re one of the players.

There are no good guys and bad guys. There are only bad matches. When a partnership fails, it may not have been their fault, but rather yours, because your standards were higher.

Are you forcing growth for success or are you letting your success force you to grow?

Just remember there is a difference between hiring people and helping people! Don’t get them confused. When you keep this clear you realize anyone who doesn’t fit for you can still be helped by you ….. They just can’t be hired or continue to be hired by you!

Hiring great people is about hiring people going someplace great and taking you with them. It’s not about you changing people!

When I’m doing all I can, and I’m feeling stuck, I know I am missing a relationship.

Gary Keller on Failure

Success leaves clues. So does failure.

What separates failure from success is not the act of failing. It’s getting up. Everyone fails, but not everyone gets up. When we get up, dust ourselves off, take the lessons we learned and try again we are on the path to a success. Once you make that connection, you wake up fearless. Failure builds you. Just remember that the greatest success in any room is the one who has failed the most.

Gary Keller on The One Thing

Until my #1 priority is done, Everything else is a distraction

The path of mastering something is the combination of not only doing the best you can do at it, but also doing it the best it can be done.

Gary Keller on Teaching

Someone once said to me, “I don’t think i can teach like you because I’m not as successful. I’d feel like a fraud.” My response was that the fraud is not in the accomplishment, it’s in the unwillingness to try. You teach from where you are. If you’re willing to take the journey then you’ve earned the right to talk about it with others. The more transparent you are, the more people can relate. Don’t apologize, just say: this is where I am. And teach from there

Gary Keller on Kindness

Thanking people is the least you can do, but the best thing they can receive

Gary Keller on limiting Beliefs

We are known by the myths we keep.

Bats are not blind. Carrots won’t improve your vision. Bulls don’t get angry when they see red. Humans have more than 5 senses. Touching a toad won’t give you warts. It’s not harmful to pick up baby birds and return them to their nests, and it won’t cause their mother to reject them. Lightening tends to strike the same place over and over again. Going out with wet hair will not cause you to catch a cold. We use more than 10 percent of our brain. There is gravity in space and there is no dark side of the moon. It was Copernicus, not Galileo, who said the earth revolved around the sun. Magellan never sailed around the world. Columbus, whose real name was Colombo, did not think the earth was flat. George Washington was not our first president. Edison did not invent the light bulb. Walt Disney did not draw Mickey Mouse. And swimming within an hour of eating doesn’t actually lead to cramps or drowning.

As old as time itself, myths have always been among us. From mythologies around history to personal opinions, everyone has their own mythology – a swirling concoction of folklore, fiction, fabrications and figments of imagination. And while many of these are harmless, myths around achievement aren’t. When we give ‘commonly believed but completely false ideas’ weight and meaning in our mind, they can quickly go from being casual creeds to absolute certainties. Buy into the wrong way about how things work and before long they simply don’t.

Lives built on false ideas rarely live up to their full potential.

Gary Keller on Goals

The most dangerous type of job description is the one that has goals that are on the target board, but way outside the bullseye! Give people reasons to feel good about what they’re doing when what they’re doing isn’t hitting the bullseye and you’ve set them up for average success and a lot of unhappiness!!!

Keep things simple and focused on what matters. No wiggle room on a goal. Hit the bullseye and win or go home.


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