Keller Williams Realty Career Visioning

Career Visioning is taking a holistic approach to finding talent, whether you are recruiting talent to your Market Center or hiring talent for your team. The course empowers you to look at the entire candidate and focus on the process; the process of understanding a potential candidates’ learned traits as well as their hard-wired traits. In addition to Career Visioning, the Keller Personality Assessment, or the KPA, is a comprehensive personality assessment exploring seven behavioral traits and four thinking traits. With the KPA, you’ll not only look at how a person acts, but how a person processes ideas and thoughts. Career Visioning and the KPA will allow you to grow your team with the talent that you need.

At Keller Williams Realty, Teams are Many. Although the individual agent is grown through training and coaching, and tools, teams are trained to grow to build bigger lives. Not everyone will have the desire to build a real estate team. Those who do, can do so bigger, and better with Career Visioning and with Keller Williams Realty.

Want to know if there is a Career Visioning Class Near you? Contact us. We will find out. If you reach out to a Keller Williams Office about this training, please tell them Lori Ballen from Las Vegas Sent you!


–>> Charlotte Savoy keeps an active Career Visioning Schedule you might like to review. 


Want to know more? Contact us! If you have a Career Visioning Training in your area that you would like posted, please use the form below to let us know and we will get it added to the schedule here.


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