Keller Williams Career Growth Initiative (CGI)

Whether you’re new to the real estate industry or already a top agent, the Career Growth Initiative (CGI) brings laser focus to the  lead generation activities that lead to results. This suite of interconnected value tools provides you an unprecedented view into your real estate business so you know EXACTLY what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve all-new levels of production and profitability: the two factors that determine if your business can fund the life you envision for yourself and your family.


The Keller Williams Career Growth Initiative (or CGI) brings the benefits of our industry leading growth directly to your business. Our CGI Calculator isn’t only one of seven tools in CGI, but it’s the integrated conversation starter that allows you to have real time accountability.


From the leadership dashboard, the team can use the guide to walk you backwards from the profit goal you need this year to fund your life, to the number of closed units you would need to reach that goal, to the number of listings taken you need to make that goal, to the initial lever, listings appointments. All while taking into account items like expenses as outlined in the MREA Economic Model.


Once your goals have been constructed, your leadership is able to point you in the right direction to enhance your productivity– including Ignite, BOLD, and MAPS Coaching.


Throughout the year, your Team Leader will regularly engage you in ongoing conversations to help you review your control panel and to quantify whether your activities are generating results you need. The CGI Calculator will allow us to have powerful, quantified, business conversations. The Career Growth Initiative – it’s for mega agents, new agents, expansion agents, and experienced agents. It’s for all agents. Because it’s built by agents. For agents.


The Career Growth Intiative is just one of the many tools provided to Keller Williams Realty Agents Globally. Want to learn more about joining Keller Williams? Use the form and we will contact you about opportunities in your area.