At the End of the Day, it’s all About Listing Appointments ~ Josh Anderson

Dial in in on your 2 or 3 lead generation activities that will be constant in your business!

“At the end of the day, it’s all about listing appointments” ~ Josh Anderson

Josh Anderson, Wall Street Journal’s top 1000 agents, Realtrends BEST agents, Mega producer from Nashville TN shares how he got into real estate in a down market and took his team to a top real estate team in the country. Josh says getting into real estate in a market that was quickly trending down forced him first to learn the basics. He learned quickly that networking was a full time job and that he needed to focus on providing value to others.

Josh did 3.3 Million in sales his first year purely because he wanted to beat that guy that recruited him, he shares. He also explains that he invested everything he made back in the business then. It was excel spreadsheets and hand written cards.

Video Interview by Jesse Garcia and Patrick Woods of Pipeline Wizard 

Josh Anderson provides real estate services in the Greater Nashville Area.

Josh says he still lead generates every morning. He has made sure that everyone around him knows that 8:30 – 12 is his sacred lead generation time. He has done that since he started 9 years ago (video is from fall 2015).  If he’s leaving town, he stacks the lead generation to make up for it.

Josh focuses on conversion and counts total “contacts” made each day.

He never got into real estate to build a team. It happened organically. After a few years in the business, he hired an assistant and a buyer’s agent after realizing his strength was not paperwork.

“We tend to hire 3 months later than when we actually need someone”, Josh says. “Nobody tells you when you get into real estate that you will be hiring or training others.”

Josh has a director of operations that handles systems and processes, hiring, and overseeing the administrative team. He shares with sincerity how many mistakes he has made hiring. Failing forward was certainly his motto while learning the hiring and training process when building a real estate team. He took Keller Williams training system on hiring 13 times to learn how to hire and train and retain talent at a much higher level.

“Anticipate what your year will look like. Begin interviewing and having conversations with people even if that’s who you don’t end up hiring.”, Josh advises. “The hardest thing for teams and real estate businesses is building a bench of talent. It’s hard to build your bench and have someone sitting waiting for something to happen.”

In this interview, Josh says that In real estate, nobody tells you what you HAVE to do. It’s when you have bills to pay, or a mortgage to pay. If you are going to succeed, you have to put a database together, follow 100 days of training, shadow great agents on negotiating offers, and set a structured schedule to set you up for success.

Josh shares how he olds Focus days to do vision boards, set goals, plan client events and so forth. No cell phones allowed!!

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