Is Real Estate a Good Career? Read what agents have to say.

The opportunity for personal achievement, income and satisfaction is unlimited, and within your own control!!! – Dave Jenks

Is Real Estate A Good Career?

For many, yes. For those that are willing to commit and run their business like a business, it’s a good career. Even those looking to simply add some additional “spending” money, real estate can be a good choice for a business, office based or home based. Real Estate is one of those industries that can make or break the “salesperson”. It’s really a matter of how far you take your business.

You can make as much as a brain surgeon without all of the student debt, provided you are good at what you do. It’s a tremendous service to others…IF you are determined to be great at it. You can attend your child’s EVERY field trip, class party, and be out “on appointment” whenever you need or want to be for personal reasons. You never have to ask a boss for personal time off or vacation days. It’s a highly skilled and professional career of which you can be proud. – Katherine Ambrose

How Much can a Real Estate Agent Make?

100% up to the agent. Even agents on a real estate team can take home 6 figures after splits with their team and brokerage. It’s about what you put into it. It’s never about the “splits”. Agents earn commissions generally. Although commission is always negotiable, and never standard, let’s assume you are earning 3% on your home sale. The price of the home is $300,000. You would earn $300,000 X 3% = $9,000. Imagine your split with your brokerage is 80% to you and 20% to the brokerage. You would then take home $9,000 X 80% = $7,200. If you closed two homes a month at that rate, you would keep $172,800. Let’s now say your expenses are 40% for lead generation costs, taxes, technology, insurances, licenses, education, fuel and so forth. You would now keep $103,680 which of course you would need to pay taxes on as your brokerage will not deduct for personal taxes as you would see on a normal paycheck. This example shows you how simple it is to earn a 6 figure salary in real estate.

It’s only a good career if you are willing to work for it. Otherwise, you will be one of the 99 out of the 100 that get their license and are out of the business in 3 years. – Aaron Kaufman

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I’m a junkie with 7 years clean, and I made 300k net this year. Show me another industry you can turn around like that. – Jordan Matin

How do I get A Real Estate License?

Getting a real estate license is actually not very challenging. You attend a short period of school (Online, Offline, or a combination of both depending on your state requrements). You take a test and file an application which includes fingerprinting and background checks. You pay your fees, and probably become a member of your local Board of Realtors®. You choose a brokerage to operate under and hang your license there.

A real estate career at KW offers so much growth. A single agent, can start a team, expand to an ESO [expansion], become a team leader [CEO/Recruiter of an office], own a market center [real estate office], become President of KWRI [Keller Williams Realty International]…..its amazing! – Tonja Wortham

How will I generate Business as a real estate agent?

You will lead generate. The top reason real estate agents fail is that they don’t lead generate. You have to have leads to have closings. Lead generation is up to you. You will probably not be “fed” leads although there are teams and brokerages that offer lead plans that you pay for. You should time block for 3 hours a day of lead generation. This will be marked in your calendar and held sacred. Here are a few ways you might generate leads for your real estate business.

  • Open Houses
  • Calling Expired Listings
  • For Sale By Owner Listings
  • Geographic Farming
  • Internet Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Networking
  • Cultivating your Sphere of Influence (Friends and Family)
  • Direct Mail

There are many paths to income- as an active agent, rainmaker on a team, coach, manager, etc… and passive income as a stakeholder and partner/owner/broker. Not to mention, investment opportunities and property management. – Andrea Webb

What Real Estate Brokerage Should I Join?

This is a big decision. It’s bigger than most people realize. Here’s the deal: successful people will be successful no matter where they go. And people that are predestined to fail, based on their own limiting beliefs, will probably fail no matter where they are. Yet finding a brokerage (of course I suggest Keller Williams) that offers training, coaching, shadowing, tools, education, guidance, masterminds and so forth is likely to move an agent quicker into production and move them higher and farther than they can go on their own. There are a lot of great choices. I’d say visit them and interview several. If you would like to consider Keller Williams, please reach out to me. I can make the appropriate connections.

 The results are in direct proportion to your effort and initiative. It is life changing, on so many levels. Other benefits are intangible and are uniquely personal. – Ron S. Ainsworth


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