How To Do A Listing Presentation for a Seller

In This Video, you’ll hear Gary Keller interview real estate agents about their best seller listings presentations.

In the first listing presentation, you’ll hear the 4 major factors in selling a house.

1.) Location
2.) Marketing
3.) Pricing
4.) Presentation

What can’t be changed? Location – it is what it is. We can’t change Pricing because the market sets the price.

It includes a visual presentation that is preset. It is a model that includes a prelisting package.

Use language that includes positive statements like “you are moving” rather than “if you are moving”.

The presentation is made around the client. The focus is on the client and their story. The agent listens, and asks questions. “Why are you moving?”, “Why is moving so important to you?”. “On a 1 – 10, How motivated are you to sell?”

Watch the video for more.

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