How to Get Started with Geographic Farming – With Kenny Klaus

Kenny Klaus of The Kenny Klaus Team is a nationally-recognized expert in local real estate. In the real estate industry since 1999, Kenny has dedicated himself to serving the East Valley community. A Top Keller Williams Real Estate agent in Arizona, Kenny has build his business on the foundational marketing practice known as geographic farming. This is a strategic hyperlocal focus on a laser targeted geographic area, neighborhood, or community that includes weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual touches that would include calls, special events. pop by visits, newsletters and other direct mail, open houses, holiday events and so forth. Geographic farming is about providing value to a community and becoming known as the local real estate specialist of choice.

Let’s listen as Kenny shares some great Geographic Farming Strategies.

 One a Month Regularly Distributed Neighborhood Newsletter:

Real estate Information, Local Information, Featured Properties, Market Statistics, Sold Properties, “About Us”.

Geographic Farming can Increase your Conversion Rates on your Real Estate Prospecting

  • Door Knocking
  • Open Houses
  • Calling Expired and For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s)

NAR reports 77% of consumers choose their agent based on AREA knowledge. Kenny says build traction and rise to the top for Zillow Reviews and sales. Focus hyperlocally, build your brand and reviews and you build an online resume.

“Be authentic, care about the community, sponsor events. Pick an area. Get a valuable piece of print and be consistent with it. Set a 12 month budget and DON’T QUIT!!!” ~ Kenny Klaus

Building Your Real Estate Business

Want to learn more about Keller Williams and receive training on marketing like this? Reach out to us. We can connect you with a local leader in your area.



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