You Win in your Follow up. Expired Script with Carissa Acker.

Carissa Acker, a top Keller Williams Real Estate Agent in Dallas, TX (DFW), and Austin,  shares her Expired Script. It’s Simple, Effective, & Gets the job done!

Carissa tells us that she realizes prospecting is valuable, yet she doesn’t love it. Her goal is to get on the phone, and get the appointment. She told her self “Don’t be a Jerk, Get on the phone”.

Her script essentially asks if the expired homeowner wants to sell. It’s simple and she just wants to know if they still want to sell or not. When they say yes, she closes for the appointment. Otherwise, she is listening and will decide when to call back.

“You Win in your Follow up”, Carissa declairs.

Video by Carissa Acker

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