Cody Gibson says – Nobody has it figured out!

“Listen”, says Cody Gibson, Bold Coach and Keller Williams Realty agent in Portland, Oregon . “There is no time that you have this all figured out. What we are constantly doing is comparing our businesses, and quite frankly ourselves to other people. We are comparing our insides to their outsides. We think they must mystically have it all figured out. Nobody has it figured out. NOBODY HAS IT FIGURED OUT!!! If you are waiting for the day that the systems are just right, it’s not coming. If you are waiting for the day the entire staff has it all figured out, it ain’t coming! Make peace with the fact that wherever you are now, and whatever is going on is fine. It’s OK! (click play on the video to hear the rest).

What do we LOVE about this video Cody Gibson posted on his Facebook page? That he was honest! Look, you are going to see all kinds of real estate agents paraded on stages, panels, and interviews. They will appear to have it all figured out. You may find yourself wishing for that “perfect business” and “perfect life” that you believe must be true. Generally, the real estate agent did not tell you that they have it all figured out. They are simply sharing what does work, not always what doesn’t, although I will see Keller Williams agents practice a Gary Keller approach to failing foward… faster! We are OK with a mess and talking about where we messed up.

Want to expand your real estate business? Are you looking for a company like the one Cody is with that is authentic, fails forward, and welcomes growth through “messy”? Need help with your systems, learning how to hire and train for your business? Contact us. Let’s chat.



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